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Join our hosting affiliate program and enjoy high affiliate earnings, fast payouts, and top conversion rates.
How does the affiliate program work?
When you send us more referrals, you'll earn more per sale!
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Our web hosting affiliate program takes less than one minute to join and is absolutely free.
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Add your custom banner, coupon, or link to refer your clients and we’ll keep track of your sales.
3 - refer clients
Once your referral uses your link and makes a purchase, you earn your commission.
4 - Start Earning
We strive to help our affiliates succeed, The more you refer, the more you'll earn.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to our most common questions below or chat with us on Live Chat
What is the affiliate program?
We offer commission for each qualified referral who signs up through their affiliate link.
How do you track the sales?
Our custom tracking is hard-coded into our platform so you always get credit. We have several ways of tracking sales. The primary way is a cookie drop from your affiliate link. This stays on your customer's browser for 180 days so you can get the sale even if they don't commit right away (unless the customer clears their cache & cookies before then).